The installation of access control systems prevents personnel and/or non-authorised vehicles from accessing areas exclusively designated for the company’s personnel, which is to say that anti-intrusion security is increased.

However, it is possible to go further since, whether it is necessary, they allow the demarcation or restriction of access to a number of organisation members themselves, through the use of fingerprint or card readers. As a matter of fact, many are the companies that have incorporated fingerprint readers in their facilities, gathering in this way information in real time on their employees’ entry and exit time, as well as data regarding their access to demarcated and controlled areas, such as warehouses or offices.

Door access is a very effective tool which provides the user with complete control over who gains entry to your building. It completely eradicates the use of keys, and the expense and hassle of changing locks should a key become lost or stolen. This is done by replacing keys with fobs or tokens that can simply be void should they be misplaced, ensuring that the security of your building is always maintained.