What is the difference between wire free and wired alarm systems?

Wire-free alarm systems use wireless signals, rather than physical cables to connect detectors and the control panel. Wire-free security systems are as reliable as the old wired systems, meaning your alarm can be installed without damage to building or disruption. However, it is important to know that there is a huge difference between the high spec, rigorously tested products used by professional companies like us and off the shelf alarms that can be bought online and at DIY stores. DIY Alarms unless have grading do not meet BS standard and insurance requirements.

Do you provide 24/7 call out service?

Yes, Electronic Alarms ltd. Provides 24/7 call out service and 4 hours emergency call out.

Will I own the system?

Yes, you pay agreed price for the installation, if you choose extra security of a monitored system, there is an annual charge for monitoring and maintenance. If the price of the installation appears to be very cheap, most likely you will be locked into an long contract. We do provide 1 year contract renewable on costumers review.

My Insurance company insists on AL alarm from NSI company. Are you NSI approved?

NSI is one leading Police recognized regulatory bodies for security alarm installers. Electronic Alarms ltd is regulated by NSI.

Are there any extra hidden fees?

No. We will inform you about every single charge separately included in design proposals, any extra work / equipment that would need doing we will always give you quote upfront and discuss further any additional costs.

Will I have to remember PIN code or any kind or setting routine?

Simple code that you choose and it is easy for you to remember.

I have a pet, is that a problem?

Not at all. We will install special pet friendly sensors.

What if my alarm goes off by mistake?

Don’t worry, professionally fitted alarm system rarely goes off by mistake. I f you do have 24/7 monitoring, your system is connected to a monitoring station and if the alarm goes off they will recognise the issue and contact keyholders or if genuine activation police will be alerted as well as the keyholders.

Can I extend the premises if the alarm is already fitted?

Of course! All you need to do is just to let us know if you are under the contract, then there might be additional cost to rewiring, or refitting old/new equipment, but we would send an surveyor first to explain in detail what needs to be done and if any additional cost will be required – we will inform you upfront.

Can I add smoke detectors to my alarm system?

Sure. It Is simple and inexpensive to add smoke detectors to commercial or domestic alarms and we always recommend it. Unlike DIY smoke detectors, there are no batteries that might run down. Your Electronic alarms is powered by mains electricity and has a back-up battery in the event of a power failure. We will also check your smoke detectors and back-up batteries each year when we service your system, so you can be assured you and your family or your business and customers, are safe.

Can you service/repair my old alarm system that isn’t working?

Electronic alarms can service and maintain all alarm systems, not just our own. We will thoroughly test your old alarm system and let you know what needs repair or replacement to get it in working order and how much that will cost.  Old, unreliable alarms with complicated system settings can be replaced with new, easy to use models often for less than expected.

Can I protect sheds, garages and outbuildings?

To do that we recommend wireless alarm systems. They are ideal for protecting external buildings and gates. You can set and unset these areas separately from the main control panel in the house.